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02-04.08.2013, Druskininkai CACIB and Club Show

What a weekend!!! Joly van't Pachthof - 2 x BOB, BIG 1, BIG 2 at 2 x CACIB shows! BOS and LT Club Winner 2013 at club speciality show!!! Joly became INTER CH! Armani Rojaus Bernas - 2 x best ...

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Tvaaker International Dog Show, Sweden

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - 2 x 2nd place, champion class, Tvaaker CACIB Show, Sweden (82 entries)!

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We are very happy, that 3 of our Kennel Rojaus Bernas dogs are on the first 3 positions of Lithuanian Swiss Mountain Dogs Club 2012 TOP 10 rating!!!

Female Joly 1-st place, TOP 2012 Club Dog! Female Josje - 2nd place TOP 2012 Club Dog! Male Shardonnet - 3rd place TOP 2012 Club Dog and 1st Male Dog!

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Shardonnet became Inter Champion!!!

26.01.2013, Kaunas CACIB Show: Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - champion class CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!Thanks to Judge I. Pablaka, Latvia!

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EURO DOG SHOW 2012, Bucharest

Wonderful results from Euro Dog Show Bucharest!!! Josje van't Stokerybos (open class) - ex, 1 st place, CAC, Rumanian champion; Joly van't Pachthof (champion class) - ex, 3rd place; Shardonnet Cesar Brizo (champion class) - ex, 2nd place, RCAC!!!

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12.08.2012, Sopot CACIB Show

What a weekend !!! our 3 dogs - 3 new champions! Sopot CACIB Show (Poland) - 49 Bernese Mountain Dogs in the ring, our results: Josje van't Stokerybos - open class, ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and PL CH! Shardonnet ...

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09.06.2012, Kaliningrad CACIB Show, Russia

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 4!!! Shardonnet became RUS and RKF Champion! Joly van't Pachthof - CAC, CACIB, BOS! Thanks to Judge S. Slukin (Ukraine)!

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CAC ALYTUS, 12.05.2012

Joly van't Pachthof - open class, 1 st place, CAC. Joly became LT CH, and now she is : LT J CH, LV J CH, EST J CH, BALT J CH, BY J CH, LT KL. N.'2011LT CH, LV CH, ...

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18.03.2012, Speciality Show 2-nd FCI group, Riga, Latvia

Great results on 2-nd FCI Group Speciality Show:Josje van't Stokerybos - open class - CAC, Best female 1, BOB!!!Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - champion class - CAC, Best Male 1, Best of Opposite! Thanks to judge I. Pablaka, Latvia!

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17.03.2012, CACIB RIGA, LATVIA

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - champion class - CAC, R.CACIB!

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2012.03.11, CACIB "VILNIUS CUP' 2012"

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - CAC, Best Male, CACIB!!! Thanks to judge T. Havelka, Slovakia!

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2012.03.10, CACIB "Lithuanian Winner' 2012"

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - CAC, CACIB, BOB & "Lithuanian Winner' 2012"! Thanks to judge M. Halas, Poland!

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2012.03.04, TALLINN, ESTONIA

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - CAC, Best male, BOB!!! Shardonnet became EST CH !!!Josje van't Stokerybos - CAC, Best Female, Best in Oposite Sex!!!Thanks to judge Waldemar Mrowiec, Lenkija!

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2011.12.18, Vilniaus CACIB

Joly van't Pachthof - CACIB, BOB!Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - R. CACIB!Dėkojame teisėjui O. VONDROUS, Čekija

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2011.12.17, Vilniaus CACIB

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - CAC, CACIB!Joly van't Pachthof - CAC, R. CACIB!Dėkojame teisėjui A. Ivanov, Rusija

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2011.09.10-11, dvi VŠMB parodos, Vilnius

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - 2 x CAC, 2 x N, 2 x BOB!!!Dėkojame teisėjoms L. Zizevskei ir J. Aidėtienei!

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2011.08.05, CACIB Druskininkai

Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - puikiai 1, CAC! Shardonnet tapo LT čempionu!Dėkojame teisėjui teisėjui Peter van Montfoort (Olandija)!

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